At My Team - Financial we value the positive feedback we receive from our clients.  It reaffirms our goals, and reassures us that our clients value the services and assistance we work so hard to provide.  On the occasion that one of our clients puts these thoughts in writing, we take it as the greatest complement and share their thoughts here in hopes others will gain a better understanding of our corporate goals and culture. 

My wife Kathy and are very impressed with My Team Financial and the professional performance and personal touch provided over the last 5 plus years by Jeff Bennett and his competent support group.

Jeff’s open and honest approach to our investments combined with his expertise and constant monitoring of those investments have provided us with a solid basis upon which we are planning for our future.

The peace of mind experienced by knowing that we are dealing with an Honest, Caring, Professional who has the skill-sets to mitigate risk wherever possible is very important and mission critical to us.

We would not hesitate to recommend My Team Financial to anyone who is looking for good solid guidance and oversight to meet or exceed their Insurance and Investment needs.

Kathy & John Dunnett
Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Jeff Bennett and My Team – Financial have helped us with both our personal, and corporate financial planning.  Jeff has a keen interest in helping us achieve our very best long-term financial goals, while at the same time taking into consideration our short-term wants and needs.   He has introduced us to many new financial opportunities; and is able to explain more complex concepts in simple terms.  Jeff’s team approach has also allowed him to connect us with other individuals who specialize in a particular area that we have had questions or concerns.

We greatly appreciate Jeff’s knowledge, resourcefulness and attentiveness, and highly recommend him as an independent financial advisor.

Mike Spies and Frances Tackaberry
Tackaberry Heating & Refrigeration Supplies

I would like to Thank Jeff Bennett and his team for allowing me to see that I had options.  My husband and I are in our early fifties, a few years away from that magic age of 55, when people start to look at what’s next in life and if early retirement is a possibility.  For us, we’ve always envisioned retirement as a time of freedom; where we wouldn’t be tied down with a Monday to Friday - 9 to 5 job.   Like many people in their fifties, we are still young and have lots of life left, and sitting home doing nothing is NOT in our foreseeable future.  But, having the proper financial foundation could to allow us to pursue other interests.   

I met with Jeff earlier this year to review our financial situation, being the professional that he is; he probed a little deeper to gain an understanding of where I saw myself after retirement.  I shared with him my desire to return school, while working to establish a home-based business.  He asked, “What if you could do it now?”   

He did some projections, and presented me with various scenarios.  To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement; I was shocked - I could do it now.  The numbers were there in front of me, I could see that I already had the financial foundation to move forward.  I could start living my dream now.

Jeff opened my eyes to the possibilities; he led me through an analysis process that was informative, helpful, and stress free, and I am now ‘retired’ (at least until my home-based business is up and running).

Thank you,
Laurie Belisle


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