The team approach is the difference that makes My Team - Financial unique. If you have a heart condition, your family physician refers you to a heart specialist, cataracts to an ophthalmologist and so on. Both the family physician and the specialist are licensed to practice medicine, but all agree the best treatment comes from using individuals that are trained to specialize in a specific area or service. So why would you treat your financial health any differently?

At My Team - Financial we believe strongly in the specialist philosophy and continually invest the time and effort required to build and maintain our team.

Each of our specialists have the following characteristics:

  • each have built their practice around their particular discipline or speciality
  • they are recognized by their peers to be a specialist in their area of expertise
  • they share a belief in team based financial planning and a willingness to collaborate with other specialists
  • and each have made a commitment to continued communication within the team to refine processes and discuss ways that we can better assist our common clients.

Our internal specialists:

These individuals are either employees within My Team - Financial, or individuals within the insurance and investment industry that have built their practice and skill set around a specific product or service. My Team - Financial has written agreements with each of our internal specialists addressing privacy, ethics and client service standards.

Our external specialists:

Our external specialists are individuals outside our industry such as accountants, lawyers, bankers and mortgage brokers. Though we work with many individuals in these fields each year, we have chosen for our team individuals that truly specialize in the services our business owners and retirees require. Each member of our external team is committed to team based financial planning, and has made a commitment to regular communication within the team focused on providing exceptional service for the clients we share.

People functioning as a cooperative team from different firms and businesses is what truly makes My Team - Financial different.

My Team - Financial taking the work out of teamwork.

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