We understand the risk.  The long hours, setbacks and dedication required to see through it all and build the  business you believe in.  It's not a job.  Your business is a living breathing thing that consumes your thoughts and requires your complete attention.  

You know your business and are busy enough each day.  You need to be able to count on your professional advisors to do their part and provide the guidance and advice required to help you reduce  risk and build your business.  For you it is essential that your lawyers, accountants and other financial advisors understand your business and are working together in a cooperative manner focused on your goals and dreams.

We find many business owners questions include:
  • what benefits can I cost effectively use to attract and retain good employees?
  • are there more cost effective ways to pay for my life insurance and the insurance on my business loans?
  • how can I write off health and dental costs for myself or specific employees?
  • how can I tax effectively move money out of my company to fund my retirement or legacy goals?

Through a combination of financial services and planning techniques designed specifically for business owners, and our internal and external specialists dedicated to team based financial planning, we can help you manage risk, attract and retain good employees and help you grow the business and assets you have worked so hard to build. 


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